20 Ways to Show your Child that You Love Them

20 Ways to Show Your Child That You Love Them

Guest Post by: Jen Temcio from Jenny at dapperhouse blog

Foreward by Meaghan: When Jen and I teamed up to Guest Post we had no idea that the day we would be sharing our work with you, dear readers, would be a day marked by sadness and tragedy that we can’t even fathom. A day that it seems darkness won; evil reared its ugly head and eclipsed the light for all of us. When Jen put these words out, she had no idea what would be happening. She had no idea that today, love is absolutely needed in our lives. More than most days, today we need to share love, show love, and speak love to everyone around us. So, read this post. Do some of these things. If you don’t have kids, do them for your husband, your boyfriend, your neighbor or your dog. We are called to be the light in this world. Love is light, people. Show yours. And show it with urgency and intent. 


One of the perks of being a blogger is getting to meet lots of people from all over. I recently met a mom of three like me who blogs about food and life. Her name is Meaghan and this is her blog! She is in her 30’s with kids in grade school and I am in my 40’s with kids 26,22 & 15 but even though we are in different ages and stages in our lives we both agree that we love being moms. I like that she is down to earth. She says that “what we learn when we’re struggling are the lessons that are best shared, not to be locked up in shame or guilt”. I like that she admits that like the rest of us, she is doing her best even on days when it isn’t easy. We both know all too well that parenting is not for the faint of heart. We have had our fair share of long nights tending to kids with the stomach flu even when we had the stomach flu ourselves. We have had our moments when we thought we had everything planned out perfectly and then watched as it all went to pieces. But we know that there is strength in the truth and that it feels so much better to be real than alone behind a veil of feigned perfection. Us moms have to stick together!

Meaghan and I decided to have some fun and guest post on each other’s blogs. I thought that it would be fitting for me to share an article on parenting with you, her readers, since that is one thing about her that I most relate to. I am giving you 20 ideas of things that you can say or do to show your child that you love them.

20 Ways to Show Your Child That You Love Them

  1. Give them a wink and a smile from across the room
  2. Tell them a joke they have not yet heard
  3. Ask them to draw you a picture that you can hang in your office or bedroom
  4. When they are engrossed in their phone, text them some cute emojis
  5. Blow them a kiss in public when no one is looking
  6. Smile at them and tell them that they make you proud
  7. Schedule some time that is just for the two of you to have fun together
  8. Leave a note on their pillow that they will find at bedtime
  9. Leave a note that they will find when they wake up
  10. Tell your child a cute story about when they were young
  11. Get the ingredients for their favorite food and make it together
  12. Go on pinterest and find a craft to do together
  13. Make up a secret handshake and use it
  14. Tell your child something they did that made your heart fill with love
  15. Draw tattoos on each other
  16. Make funny faces together with apps on your phone
  17. Find a park or place your child has not been and surprise them with an adventure
  18. Share something cool that happened to you while they were at school and ask them to share something fun from their day
  19. Share something from your day that made you vulnerable and ask them to share a time that they felt vulnerable too.
  20. Take their face in your hands, look into their eyes, and say “I will love you forever”



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