About Me

BeautyfromBurntToast is a place where food is meant to be fun. It’s not meant to be perfect. It’s not meant to be complicated. It’s meant to be beautiful.

Just like life. About me pic

I’m Meaghan, the heart behind this little place. I started BurntToast in the fall of 2017. Prior to that, I was a full-time working mom to three, splitting my time between the boardroom and the playroom with fluctuating degrees of success.

In the corporate world I was a recruiter. And though it might not seem related at all, this is where the seeds of passion for what I do were planted. Because as a recruiter, I spent my days listening. Listening to peoples stories. Their hopes. Their dreams. And what I learned is that despite our many differences, we’re all truly united by our desire to be loved. To be heard. To feel valuable and needed.

But we all struggle with the where and how and who of meeting these desires.

BurntToast was created out of my desire to share and mingle two of my passions–cooking and people–in a place where life can be celebrated and love, faith and grace can be explored openly and honestly.

I’m not a classically trained chef. I’m a home cook who loves to create and explore in the kitchen and who believes that cooking a meal for the people around you is one of the greatest expressions of love you can give. I believe that uncomplicated, simple food is the best food and that anyone (yes, ANYONE) can be a great home cook if they try.

I’m also not a trained writer, but I am a wife, mother and woman of God who believes that the way we learn and grow is by sharing. Sharing our thoughts and sharing our dreams. When we do this we learn that we are all more alike than we are different.

So come on in. Stick around for a while. Whether you love to cook or hate it. Whether you want to share your dreams or don’t. Here you’re welcome. I hope that you can learn, love and cook right alongside of us each day.