Burnt Toast, you say?

What an absurd name for a food blog.  By nature, if you’re visiting a food blog you are primarily wanting to know how to NOT burn toast of any kind. And for the most part, I don’t want to burn toast either. In fact, I almost never do just that. But I’m also a realist. And for me, that means that into every life some burnt toast must fall. Metaphorically speaking, of course (sometimes).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Blog-o-sphere. Naturally, I’m here, aren’t I? But if there’s one thing I’m keenly aware of after visiting my favorites, it is my inadequacy. I know this. It’s clear. Their pictures are perfect. They feed their kids kale. And get this…they actually LIKE it. Their cakes are frosted fabulously and their hair is perfect.  There is no processed mac and cheese to be found in their pantries and their kitchens are to die for. Heck, they probably even showered today.

Dear readers, I can manage some of these things, some of the time. But definitely not all of them and definitely not all of the time. And I promise to be real with you about it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. I love to cook. I love to create. I love to be creative in the kitchen. And sometimes I get an amazing wonderful meal that you will be forced to run directly to your kitchen DO NOT PASS GO, and whip up immediately. And sometimes I get burnt toast. And I’ll share that too.

And for me, Burnt Toast is a metaphor too. See, my life (the stuff you won’t see in my pictures) isn’t always a fabulous gourmet meal either. In fact, as of late I’ve struggled. Just life struggles, but struggles none the less. And from here, I’ve learned that there is no better rescue for any struggle than God’s grace. And there is no better redeemer than Him either. He makes beauty from the ashes and I have become adept at seeing this in the world after my personal journey. And I’ll share that too.

Because that, dear reader, is what makes life go ’round. Sharing of good food. Good love. And lots of realness.


Sharing is Caring
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